Old to New Socks

Since moving from Georgia to Colorado at the end of last year, I have come up with reason after reason not to sit down and write this post. Literally, reason after reason. Now, close to a year later, since returning from Thailand with my Mom, sister and brother,  I have figured out my aversion. I … Continue reading Old to New Socks

Valladolid, Mexico

Since I was about 10 years old,  I have been hopping on planes from the United States to a singular destination in Mexico, Cancun International, with direct transportation to Hacienda del Secreto. You know the spot, right? I have already spoken so much about it and the beauty of the Mayan Riviera in my previous … Continue reading Valladolid, Mexico

Aspen, Colorado. Sister travels.

I am an opportunity grabber, to say the least. It's seriously like I have some deep intuition that clearly sees doors in front of me, and I always find the right one to open for myself. Yes, of course, having a positive attitude makes almost every door that is opened perfect, but I have to give … Continue reading Aspen, Colorado. Sister travels.

The love bubble. YTT in Koh Lanta, Thailand

I can't really remember when I began saying...'When I see myself as an old woman, I see me in a black swim suite top, a flowing green sarong, the curls in my hair have been let loose, and there is glowing energy around me. I think I am a yoga teacher, a writer. I bear age … Continue reading The love bubble. YTT in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Steamboat, Colorado

My blood begins to softly boil. My arms spark with exultant ignited energy. My imagination drifts to the peacefulness of the mountain ridges with evergreens on their shoulders. The earthy, yet ethereal space, where I will soon be able to take deep icy breaths with the sun warming my back, the crunch of snow beneath my feet and the feeling … Continue reading Steamboat, Colorado

Same Thailand, new stops, beautiful friendships, and gratitude for it all

[JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is not a normal butterfly story. It is 7 am and I just feel like lazy writing. ] When I left Bangkok in 2012, I was not really ready to leave. I just loved living there so much. The simplicity of things, my yoga beginnings, Buddhism, the Thai culture, close friends, the food … Continue reading Same Thailand, new stops, beautiful friendships, and gratitude for it all

Day 8: Periche to Lobuche

After a day and a half of rest and relaxation in the soft valley of Periche, we picked the trail head back up early morning on Day 8. According to estimations, Lobuche our next destination, would take us about 4-5 hours to get to, even though it was only 700m away. The reason for the … Continue reading Day 8: Periche to Lobuche

Day 5: Namche to Tengbouche

Perching at a height of 3,867 metres is the incredibly small villiage of Tengbouche (Thyangboche). Tengbouche holds great importance to trekkers, Buddhists and the people of the Himalayas, for it is not only a good place to rest your head, but also is the home to the largest gompa in the Khumbu region, the Tengbouche Monastery. … Continue reading Day 5: Namche to Tengbouche

Everest Base Camp Trek: “First we fly to Lukla”

In hindsight, the first step of our epic EBC trek was probably the most unnerving. Let me first set the scene. While in India, and staying with friends in Ahmedabad, we were surprised to hear that at the age of 14, our friend Kahan, trekked to EBC with his father. While he mentioned some "really?" … Continue reading Everest Base Camp Trek: “First we fly to Lukla”

Koh Chang, Thailand

So this weekend, I took my first big girl trip all by myself!!! This is something I have been craving to do for a very long time. Something about being strong enough, independent enough, smart enough to travel alone. It was amazing. I made some good friends, had relaxing beach time, read my book, and … Continue reading Koh Chang, Thailand

Moving to Bangkok

So, I have moved to Thailand now. Why you ask? Well, the obvious answer is for the adventure of it, exploration. How did I get to do this, is probably a better question. I managed this by deciding to study abroad from my abroad study in Geneva. For the next four months, January through the … Continue reading Moving to Bangkok