Moving to Bangkok

So, I have moved to Thailand now. Why you ask? Well, the obvious answer is for the adventure of it, exploration. How did I get to do this, is probably a better question. I managed this by deciding to study abroad from my abroad study in Geneva. For the next four months, January through the end of April, I will be continuing my Masters Program at Webster, University, here in Bangkok. Lucky for me, I convinced my friend Robby to do his last semester here in Bangkok as well. So, just last week, we hopped on an ever long flight from Geneva to here. We had a 12 hour layover in Qatar, which was quite weird I would say. Our little layover, meant my first steps into a Muslim country, with mosques inside airports, certain types of food, and women covered from head to toe. It was an experience. Something that I am glad I have experienced. While we were not incredibly happy about the food, it was pretty gross actually (I will blame that on the airport, not the country), the people were rather friendly. So, some card playing, a bit of sleep, and some chatting. Perfect. Next stop, Bangkok.

Upon arriving to Thailand, Robby and I were just so excited! I was literally bouncing up and down at every sight. So excited for the newness and to be on the complete other side of the world from home. As we arrived, Poon from Webster was waiting at the airport for us. Though it took us a while to find him, with no cell phones, no internet, and no way to find someone besides simply using our eyes, we found him. With rumbling Qatari stomachs, we were hoping that the first thing on the to-do list was Thai Food. Unfortunately, Poon was scared to engage our stomachs in any more battles- so he thought McDonalds would be appropriate. Of course he did- I thought. Two Americans- McDonaIds is the answer. Woof. I didn’t have the guts to tell him that I do not eat McDonalds. I mean, the whole flight to Bangkok, I was reading up on courtesies, Thai phrases, gestures, ways of working, the works. So, I regretfully ordered. Ew. But, okay, our American stomachs were fine. After dinner, Poon drove us to our new apartment building, by the On Nut BTS station. Our landlords warmly welcomed us- Sawatikah (head bow), we did it back. And with Robby on the second floor and I, on the third, we settled in our new rooms and new lives. Of course, sleeping is not really an option. I am way to excited. Tomorrow, my new adventure begins.

Kap kun kah.

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