Daily Life in BKK

What I have, I most certainly take for granted. Even though I am constantly thanking God for my wonderful family, friends, and the path he has placed me on. As I walk through downtown Bangkok, it is easy to forget where I am… and continue daily life. But then, I have that moment, which comes every time I travel away from my base… Inside my head, I draw a little map of the world… and imagine a red dot in Houston, TX … then a line that crosses thousands of miles of ocean, land, and the 7 billion people who live in this world… all the way to another dot in Bangkok. It is crazy how far away I am. But, I guess coming from such a close family…I never feel that far.

My everyday encounters can be summed up by the buzz of a foreign language, the strumming of the BTS (public trasit above), Motorcycle Taxis- asking me if I want a ride, searching for a fresh breath of air, smiles all around me, fruit stands, coffee stands, my computer, articles, papers, writing, thinking about life, how blessed I am.

Just came back from Cambodia yesterday, and that is a whole different story soon to come.

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