Wachau Valley, Vienna countryside, Austria

After spending a couple days in the city of Vienna, it was time to see what the outskirts had to offer. And we were definitely not disappointed. I always find that these days capture my soul. Being in nature, amidst the trees and wind; and on this day the Danube River.

We woke up early, around 6:30 am, got dressed and then went searching for the tour spot. After finding the group, we headed on a train to the Wachau valley. Once we had arrived, our group was led to a random building that held our bikes. We all suited up with bikes, helmets, rain gear and big smiles. The day was ours to make. In all, we rode probably about 20 miles on roads like the picture depicts, stopped at 3 small wineries (all family owned), and saw tons of incredible viewpoints of the Danube. Oh, and we hiked to the castle where Richard the LionHeart was held captive. History stories in nature. Such a wonderful day spent with my Mom and good friends.

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