Jungfrau, where I fell in love with the world

At the end of our incredible journey as Mother and Daughter, I had to head back to work. :/ But, my Mom still had a few days to do some exploring herself. So- I sent her to no other destination than the Swiss Alps, for a view she just had to see. Jungfrau- The top of Europe. And though it took her from 7am-12am to complete the journey, I know she felt its worth.

It’s a powerful rush and an enticing call to take a long stare into the beauty of the Swiss Alps. White crystals dancing on masses that can move even the most dim of all souls. Mother nature at her finest.

Back in 2011, it was these same mountains that moved me to a new explorative level. After seeing this sight, just as my Mom did on this day, a love for nature and the world bloomed inside of me. A spring that never fades into fall.

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