The North Sea of the Netherlands

In celebration of an incredible whirlwind of happiness, Rob and I took his old red car to the North Sea for the weekend. , We spent the afternoon to early evening at the sea and then the dunes. Just a short walk from our splendid little hotel, lied the dunes. Upon entering the dunes, a sense of utter tranquility arises. Rob explained to me why the dunes were made and how; also the importance of them in concerns to preservation of their land. For horseback riders, bikers and walkers alike, the dunes provide a shelter from the hard winds of the North Sea. In the dunes, birds sing their sweet melodies and work to interwine them with the rhythem the grass’ rustle makes. The whole scene is simple and beautiful. After a good long walk in the dunes, we met the sea. To be honest, while the looks of it is gorgeous, the harshness of the wind makes it hard to really enjoy it face first. We were there in May, so maybe that has something to do with it. So, instead of dipping our toes in the water and sitting on the Sea’s edge, we sought peace in a small dune on the soft cliff. We drank light wine, talked to seagulls and eachother and enjoyed the beautiful moment.

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