Playa del Secreto, Mexico

It seems that I refer to “Homes” quite often and again, I will do the same here. Another familiar place, a place I can also call home, is the Riviera Maya; more specifically, Hacienda del Secreto on the beach of Playa Secreto. I think I have already posted a pic or two of this location, but being that I am a frequent returner, I guess I can’t help it.

So often, I find myself telling people how the beach and location of Playa Secreto is unparallelled. But, seriously, the more I travel, the more I do sincerely believe that the best beach in the world is Playa Secreto of the Caribbean Sea. I mean, say you go to Thailand.. from expereince, I know how incredibly beautiful the beaches are, but the kicker is that the water isn’t that refreshing; actually, quite often, it is warm. Or say you venture to the North Sea, or to the Atlantic or Pacific? From experience, I can also say that the sand is more rough, brown, and not as easy to lay on, not to mention getting in your “jores”. Plus, sharks… hello? But, yes, of course, this is my advantage.. that I know these things. That I have gotten the chance to experience all of this: it’s what this blog is all about. And when it comes to my sanity, nothing beats traveling. But, when it comes to what waters I want to soak in or what sand I don’t mind in my swimsuite bottoms.. Playa Secreto takes the cake.:)

One thought on “Playa del Secreto, Mexico

  1. Dennis Pfeffer says:

    I have been fortunate to have experienced beaches from the Caribbean to western Pacific to Atlantic and I can say that I agree that this is an exceptional beach.

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