Argeles-sur-mer, France

For around two weeks between late June and July, we spent sweltry sweet days in Argeles-sur-Mer with the Janssen side of our family. The days mostly encompassed retrieving the morning baguettes, preparing to go to the beach, down-time, sangria, soup, sweat, cards, cold showers, dinner, more sangria and loads of family laughs. I hope that every year, we get to join our family on the trip. The photo above was taken on a day around the area on motorbikes with Rob’s brothers and cousins. The Mediterranean never disappoints; especially for me. Just as the Caribbean feels like home, the Mediterranean sparks my inquisitiveness. The culture is a unique mix between a French breakfast and a Spanish dinner. It’s posh, yet quirky and when you add in the many Dutch campers who flock to these sites and sights during summer, opportunities for fun are endless.

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