Kasteel de Haar, Utrecht

So, your line of thinking probably just went something like this… 1) Pretty Castle like thing, 2) Who is that man?, and 3) Oh, it’s slippery.

Yes, it is a beautiful castle, Kasteel de Haar of Utrecht. The oldest historical record of the castle dates back to 1391 and was last restored in 1892. It has been passed through a number of royal Dutch families. In 2000, the Van Zuylen van Nyevelt famiy passed ownership to the Kasteel de Haar foundation. It can now be rented out for events, weddings and is just a really beautiful place to visit, rain or shine.

To your second thought. That’s my uncle. Kent. He is an incredible person. He made this photo because, as I am soon about to share, he along with my Mother, Father, Sister, Grandfather and Gramma all came to the Netherlands to be part of mine and Rob’s small Dutch Wedding. In the days leading to our wedding, we all got to spend some time together. One of the things we did was to visit this beautiful castle and the city of Utrecht.

And to your third though, yes, it was slippery. Good thing we are from Texas and always have sturdy boots on!

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