Dubai for 12 hours

Without a minute to spare, we headed for Dubai from Sharjah Airport. Did you know that you can get gold bars out of an ATM in Dubai? How crazy is that. Of course, has we had the chance to spend more time there, the city probably would have found a way to keep me interested. But, in all reality, I was glad we only had 12 hours- especially because on a backpackers budget, you can’t go far in Dubai. So, we walked in the blazing 45 degree heat. We saw skyscapers and more skyscrapers, roof top pools, gold glimmer, and a lot of money (without actually seeing it in exchange). We ended the day with a Iranian dinner and felt atleast pleased that we made the stop. And unless someday we have ungodly amounts of money to spend, I don’t see us returning.

With all of that said, there was a beautiful highlight: the port. The port was filled literally tons worth of shipments, men hard at work and men waiting for work. The port captured what I imagine Dubai would look like, what it did look like before money grew wings and flew its way to Duabi.

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