Kandy, Sri Lanka

From Anuradhapura we traveled south to Habarana town (stayed 1 day) and then again south to Kandy. Along this trip, we saw the environment and scenery drift from small hills and jungle to mountainous terrain. Kandy, for us, was absolutely stunning.

While in Kandy, we imagined that we would have the chance to do some mountain biking, but unfortunately could not find any sources. So, instead, we made day adventures in the city, which definitely worked out in our favor. We stumbled  upon a man who offered us tickets to a Sinhalese Dance performance, land monitors, yummy food and the above cemetery. Offically, it is the British Garrison of Kandy. If you can, please read the BBC article link below. From my side, the cemetary was a treasure and the caretaker, Charles, was an master at story telling, unfolding the dramatic endings of both British men, women and children who made their way to Kandy during the British Colonial Era.


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