Koggala, Sri Lanka

You know the moment you start planning a trip and you see tons of photos of your destination, and there are around 2 or 3 that you see and then tell yourself, “I have to see that”. Well the photo above, was exactly that for me. For almost a month, I spent my little spare time between work and life, researching what we should see in Sri Lanka; above all, I just had to see for myself Sinhalese men using their ancient fishing technique at the Indian ocean’s shore of Koggala. It was a must. And therefore, one afternoon, towards the end of our tour around Sri Lanka, we rented a scooter and skimmed the shoreline roads between Hikkaduwa and Koggala looking for my fisherman. And at just before sunset, we got to see them sitting on their sturdy sea-faring sticks, dipping their old cane poles and coming out with money in the form of little sardines. At this moment, I felt achievement, happiness, and curiosity for all the other sights we will soon see. It’s these moments that are the reward for pushing boundaries, for being a traveler, for being who I am.

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