Same Thailand, new stops, beautiful friendships, and gratitude for it all

[JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is not a normal butterfly story. It is 7 am and I just feel like lazy writing. ]

When I left Bangkok in 2012, I was not really ready to leave. I just loved living there so much. The simplicity of things, my yoga beginnings, Buddhism, the Thai culture, close friends, the food and the travel opportunities, made me want to make it my permanent home. Looking back, I am so thankful I did indeed leave, for meeting Rob again and many other beautiful parts of my life awaited; but at the time, leaving was really difficult, because I could have also easily stayed. It is funny how when you look back on your life, you can clearly see the energetic forces that were pulling you a certain way. Of course, I would leave. And when I returned, I got to bring my other half with me. Rob too, was supremely excited about Thailand. Thailand was already very special for us both, because when I was living there in 2012, is when we began our very long distance, growing relationship. Messages, calls, random texts, all hints of my future that awaited back in Europe. In any event, excitement filled the air, as we departed from Nepal and headed in a rickety Nepali plane with bad ratings towards Bangkok.

After our short, somewhat nerve racking flight, we arrived fresh and ready to enjoy some good times with great friends. Three of my dear buddies were still living in BKK and two of our Dutch friends were headed to join us, just a week after our arrival. Good times were surely to come.

We spent the first week of our three weeks in Thailand, in Bangkok, staying with our friends Dawn and Donovan in the expat part of BKK in their “freaking cool” apartment. It was really great because they live in the same area as I use to during my 2012 stint. So, I got to enjoy revisiting all of my old stomping ground spots with Rob. THIS, I really loved, because visiting local markets and nomming on Thai food is by far two of my most favorite lazy activities. And since Rob loves food and was working out like a maniac, my favorite past times seemed like good choices to him too! Plus, these activities pair well with a large Chang beer, and being we just hiked to EBC, we felt we deserved it. 🙂 So after a few day beers, we would head back to meet Dawn and Donovan. Being the incredibly awesome friends they are, they then took us to many of their favorite spots, mixing in some of the “you just have to do it, since you are here- places”. It was all a blast, and the fact that the fit us in with their busy work schedules, meant a hell of a lot! My best friend from Geneva, who also stayed in Bangkok, also trekked out to downtown BKK to visit me and meet my awesome husband. We have damn good friends.

After all the traveling we had done, we mostly enjoyed the fact that we were in a HOME again. Dawn and Donovan have a killer set-up and let us really just relax in their home, making us feel at home ourselves (since we didn’t have one), which was amazing for us! Dawn has been a best friend of mine for a very long time, but this time around we got to make a couple friend with Dawn and Donovan. Between the four of us, there is never a dull moment. That is for sure!

After week one, our friends Jenny and Rein flew over to Thailand from Eindhoven for their three week summer holiday. We began our adventure with them with on a bike tour around the outlying city limit of BKK with Recreational Bangkok Biking. It was a really great time! Firstly because we had the most awkward tour guide ever, who didn’t even know how to change a flat, and secondly because it was my first time to really get to hang out with the two of them! Wandering through some of the slum areas of Bangkok and then through the “Green Lung”, we all got to chat and yeah just begin a whole new couple friendship! And thanks Recreational Bangkok Biking, it really was an awesome tour!

A few days later, we rejoined down in the Gulf of Thailand in Koh Tao. Together, we spent beach days full of laughter, fun, and Chang. Thailand always captures me in a way that is hard to explain. Her beauty is undeniable, but there is also something in her secrets that keeps me waiting to return.

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