Singapore: a squeaky clean whirlwind

As we always do, we began our adventure to the next country by first searching from the hostel in our current location for a place to crash after the long days. Of course, as travelers, we heard many times how expensive Singapore is and how a travelers’ few spare dollars cruise a unequaled, rather short distance, in this high-tech, glamorous, squeaky-clean city. We looked in every section of the tinsy tiny country for a decent hostel at a decent price. At the time, the price selection was much higher than what it currently is today on Hostel World. We ended up settling for a place for $17 Singaporian dollars a night for the both of us, in a dormitory room. These prices seemed crazy to us, because in all the other countries we had traveled, $17 between the both of us, normally got us private accommodation with breakfast included. Rob is all about the breakfast included. Anyways, one lazy afternoon, we headed out of KL, by train, for Singapore. We arrived rather late at night to our hostel, which took us a good while to get to and cost us about $14 using the underground. To sleep, to move about, to eat, to drink, to breathe.. well, is expensive in Singapore. But, maybe all this is why the country stays so beautiful? So squeaky-clean. Other than the cost to live, Singapore is actually pretty cool. It boasts cuisines from all of its neighbors (in addition to its own), it has a great nightlife, interesting museums, a really enthusiastic athletic community, beautiful parks and great transit systems. I’d like to think of it as the Asian New York, although I am sure other big Asian cities like Tokyo would disagree. But, its a thought.

My most memorable experience in Singapore would be the evening that Rob and I snuck into a hoity toity hotel, pretended that we were guests and spent the evening gallivanting around all the hotels’ amenities, such as the hot tub and the pool. Little did they know, we bought cheap liquor and 7-11 cokes and downed them right before we entered. Such is the life of a broke traveling spontaneous couple. It was fun, huh honey?

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