Our new home country: the USA

I know, I know…what a typical photo. Totally not in any way similar to my past postings. Rob and I didn’t arrive in some far off land, filled with beauty of mountains, forests, beaches, jungle or anything like what we normally seek.

But, we did arrive in the safe haven of family love, and after all of our adventures in 2014, we felt incredibly thankful for that.

In 2014, we put so much effort, thought and sleepless nights into immigrating to the the US. Working with immigration lawyers, USCIS, the US government, the Dutch government, taxes and blah blah blah… ALL WHILE TRAVELING…making it to the USA was a VERY big deal! It also was a huge deal because it marked the beginning of a new, beautiful and change- filled chapter together.

I think I will call this chapter: Army wife, yogic life. 

Yes, ARMY. And yes, Yoga.

I am going to fast track a bit here. In fact, I will just list it out in steps, so that way you, my reader, can get some bearing.


-Immigrate to USA, live together at home with Mom and Dad in Texas while working to get Rob into the US Army.

-My sister and her fiancé Paxton set their wedding date for October 10, 2015.

-Rob gets into the US Army. Ships out to Fort Benning on February 23, 2015. Rob and I will spend the next 6 months sending snail mail, talking on the phone and seeing each other on rare Army occasions.



Being in this situation, what do you think I did?


Of course.





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