Aspen, Colorado. Sister travels.

I am an opportunity grabber, to say the least. It’s seriously like I have some deep intuition that clearly sees doors in front of me, and I always find the right one to open for myself. Yes, of course, having a positive attitude makes almost every door that is opened perfect, but I have to give my intuition a pat on the back. So far, it has guided me to exactly the places I feel I needed to be and luckily I have listened well.

Over the years, most of the doors I have opened have been far away. They have existed in places such as Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Thailand, Morocco, Switzerland, the list goes on. But, life has a beautiful way of grounding me when I need it; leading me towards a specific door that I NEED to open.

When Rob went away for basic training, I had my month in the love bubble of YTT, in Koh Lanta, Thailand. When I came back, I felt refreshed, with a new part of myself opened up to the world and ready to walk through dewy new doors.

With a fresh mind, and the timing being just right, my intuition and I took the shortest trip ever: sealing sisterhood. What the hell do I mean by this? Let me embellish.

My sister Maeghan is nothing short of beautiful. She is always one to lift others up when they are feeling down; celebrate them when things are going well; listen when others won’t. She is choosy, which I believe is a good thing. Not everyone she meets gets the same deep care that I get as her sister, but I think it is fair. Sisterhood is something unexplainable; it is a bond that cannot be broken. I think the reason for this, especially in our case, is that it hasn’t always been bubbles and rainbows. We have, together, dealt with the tough stuff of life. Yes, everyone goes through something, everyone has a story. But, together, being raised by our incredible Mother, we learned the importance of family and the strength to never to give up. So, Maeghan and I, together as sisters, have never given up; not on small things, not on big things, and certainly not on each other. That’s sisterhood. Even when I have gallivanted in far away places, Maeghan always knew that I would be there for her whenever she needed me. And I, have always known the same. So, the next door was one we walked through together.

Together we latched on to the opportunity to support each other in previously unexplored ways. I decided to make 2015 the year I would dedicate to helping my sister in the planning of her October 2015 wedding to Paxton; and for Maeghan, well she might have done it unknowingly, because she is always cheering in my corner, but she chose to be there for me in my first year as an Army wife. Both of our support roles had their rewards and challenges, but both ended in sealing sisterhood. The opportunity we took, allowed us to spend time together with no other family members around. Just the two of us, which admeasured time to understand each other more as individuals, which now makes us stronger sisters.

Now to the photo above. We spent 9 days in Aspen, Colorado together in June. Just the two of us, being free, exploring, hiking, ‘yogaing’, fearing bears, and camping with giants underneath a clear sheath of stars.

I love you sister.:)




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