My Mom made it to Geneva

I try to only post pictures of the places I go…BUT, this moment, the time I got to spend with my MOM, was unforgetable for me! She is THE most amazing woman I know and I was so proud and happy that she came! And shortly after her arrival, the fun began to unfold. First … Continue reading My Mom made it to Geneva

Time keeps flying

I, at this point, am really struggling to keep this blog up at the pace I would like to. I am so incredibly busy. I have visited a lot of new places in the last couple months. Some old places too, like home (Texas). And where I am at right now, is working 40 hrs. … Continue reading Time keeps flying

European Parking

A perfect sunny day. Grass that leaves your body’s imprint behind. Crisp mountain air funneling through the city. Friendship at its finest. Loving the life I live. That is European "Parking".

Returning to Geneva

I thought returning to Europe after living for 4 months in Asia would be hard. As I was leaving my Bangkok life, I had tears in my eyes. I of course knew that one day I would return to Asia, but it felt so final. Like I would be missing out on a whole side … Continue reading Returning to Geneva