Time keeps flying

I, at this point, am really struggling to keep this blog up at the pace I would like to. I am so incredibly busy. I have visited a lot of new places in the last couple months. Some old places too, like home (Texas). And where I am at right now, is working 40 hrs. a week as an intern with CARE International (a non-profit humanitarian organization) (an awesome one at that) and finishing up my Masters Program in Geneva. I have to make so many decisions soon. How do I choose between wanting to be with Rob in the Netherlands, wanting to do field work (IE… somewhere in Africa, Asia, or Middle East) or find a niche that can within a year or two help me get my foot in the door into a big non-profit . The right thing to do, for my career, would be to get field work. And if I can get one job, I know eventually that I can find a way to WRITE for an organization and travel. To give people real perspective on what is going on outside of the U.S.. I also still want to apply to the discovery channel and travel channel. So that is definitely not off my list. Hoping to start applying everywhere by this coming OCTOBER. But as I walk around SWITZERLAND, I cannot help but think of how much I am going to miss this country. So much of me wants to stay here. And I can’t say it is for the people or such… but it is for the air. For the water. And for their home, the mountains. It all feels so alive and so vital to my life. My freedom. My clarity. I step outside, breathe, and its like each breath I take or water I sip, it can never last long enough. The air and water are characteristically so crisp, faultless, unprocessed. They are critical to my ecstasy. I could write a full novel about the earth and its life, and its soul- the ALPS.

Anyways, I need to soak up my time here. Winter is on the brink. And my days of full enjoyment are almost up. Sad as it is. I hate that I feel the end of my time here coming. I am forever torn between the breath of life of the Swiss Apls, the peace and truisms I hold dear in Asia, my heart in the Netherlands, and my family heart home in Texas.

I know there is so much life ahead, well I hope anyways. And I know nothing is forever, but to live a full life, I need somehow to incorporate all these pieces in one big picture. Problem is I do live for right now- since as I said, forever is not promised.

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