Venzone, Italy

I just found this image too beautiful not to share. On our return from climbing in the Italian Alps, we stopped for a couple hours in the small village of Venzone. Lucky for us, the city happened to be hosting their annual lavender festival the following day. This meant, that on every corner, shop owners … Continue reading Venzone, Italy

Rewards for Determination

And this was the reward after a full day climb. I don’t know how high or exactly how long the climb was, but if it pushed both mine and Rob’s fear buttons, you can imagine.

Climbing in the Italian Alps

Fear is an interesting thing. I love being outdoors, and absolutely love long strenous hikes. And throughout the years, I have often talked about the hikes I have completed in terms of climbs. But, it was not until I went with the TuE outdoor group to the Italian Alps that I experienced what real climbing … Continue reading Climbing in the Italian Alps

Tuscany, Italy

By motorcycle, we rolled through the sweeping hills of tuscany, relishing in the beauty of it all. In the area we drove around in, we could not find a soul who spoke English. But, as our hunger worsened, we ended up finding a restraunt where we just looked at a beautiful woman in her late … Continue reading Tuscany, Italy

Firenze, Italy

My first time in Florence was back in 2010, when Anastasia and I first backpacked Europe. So, in early March, when Rob suprised me with a weekend trip to Florence to see Mumford and Sons play, I was absolutely thrilled to return to the historically rich city of Florence. What is really quite funny about … Continue reading Firenze, Italy