Firenze, Italy

My first time in Florence was back in 2010, when Anastasia and I first backpacked Europe. So, in early March, when Rob suprised me with a weekend trip to Florence to see Mumford and Sons play, I was absolutely thrilled to return to the historically rich city of Florence. What is really quite funny about this trip for me, was the fact that I intended to try and relive some of what Anastasia and I experienced with Rob. And, of course, that happened a bit, but I was totally taken aback at how big the city actually is and how little we saw before. It could also be the fact that this time around, Rob and I rented bikes, which just make a huge difference. You get to cover so much more by discovering a city by bike than you do by foot! In all, we spent three full days exploring the city, eating incredibly delicious food and drinking cheap but really tasty wine. The city was bustling and filled with life in every corner. Shopping, is of course the activity most tourist endeavor, but being on a budget we depressed my love for fashion and instead sought to see every corner of the city; which in the end, gave us both much more enthusiasm for life and this view from Piazza Michelangelo.

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