Lucerne, Switzerland

When you are at the edge of the world, when you are on the brink, when you feel like you could fall, then I would say that is one of they days you feel most alive. And I needed this day, to feel alive again. After being crammed indoors with school papers, my internship, and busy city life for a whole few weeks, I needed to retreat. And this is what I love about Europe. I just hopped on a train and off I went. I woke up early Saturday morning, took the tram to the station, found the next train to Bern, got on it, switched in Bern, and then traveled to Lucerne. Yay! A day for myself in a city I had yet to explore. I love that. But, I did have a plan. I wanted to go for a long one day hike- IE why I picked Lucerne. So, simple enough, I got a map at the train station and took the tram to the bottom of Pilatus. And I simply started walking, humming out of pure lightness. A day of solitude awaited me, and I was ready to swim in it. It is these moments when I realize and remind myself of my purpose and what really makes my soul fly.

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