De Ardenne, Belgium

Every now and again, we get the chance to do our favorite thing: be alone with just nature and the two of us. So after a tiny bit of planning, we packed our bags for a weekend camping in the Ardenne in November. Everyone told us not to go, that we were crazy; it’s too … Continue reading De Ardenne, Belgium

Rewards for Determination

And this was the reward after a full day climb. I don’t know how high or exactly how long the climb was, but if it pushed both mine and Rob’s fear buttons, you can imagine.

Chamonix, France

It is offically November. Only a little over a month left before the sand of time runs out for me here in Switzerland. I know many people go through this. I mean, if you have the grand opportunity to call Switzerland home, it is most definitely not something you ever want to give up. But, … Continue reading Chamonix, France

Lucerne, Switzerland

When you are at the edge of the world, when you are on the brink, when you feel like you could fall, then I would say that is one of they days you feel most alive. And I needed this day, to feel alive again. After being crammed indoors with school papers, my internship, and … Continue reading Lucerne, Switzerland