Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Stillness, peacefullness, and nothingness; the expanse of the Sahara is mind blowing. Many times, winding down long Texas highways, with only the occasional tumbleweed, I have often thought, “Wow, there is nothing here. I hope my car doesn’t break down.” But, after seeing the Sahara, Texas seems like a fountain of water. I mean, atleast you can find some bushes for shade or some small cavern of hope. In the Sahara, there is only sand and a glimpse at forever. However, this glimpse at forever is truly captivating. There is something about it that draws you in. You know you are about to embark upon a journey that will surely only unfold the same picture over and over again, in a monotony of sand, but yet the sense of curiosity- feeling forsure that there has to be something out there, draws you in. And then night falls and you find that exact change, that something you were looking for: the landscape of stars. As expansive as the desert itself, you feel such a sense of smallness in their presence; the wholesomeness of the world for those momentsand the fact that there is so much out there, brings a sense of peace to you and humanity. The same sense of hope that you feel at the embarkation of your journey catches you again. Hope and wonder are a powerful mixture.

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