De Ardenne, Belgium

Every now and again, we get the chance to do our favorite thing: be alone with just nature and the two of us. So after a tiny bit of planning, we packed our bags for a weekend camping in the Ardenne in November. Everyone told us not to go, that we were crazy; it’s too cold and too rainy they kept saying. But, with determination and desire, all things are possible. So, we headed out, train to bus to a good number of kilometers by foot, we finally found a trail to set out on. With all of the rain, we had to cross a good number of rivers; pants rolled up, tossing bags across with hope. Unfortunately, there are not many places to just set up camp. So, with night dwindling, we snuck into some large private property, and climbed into a hole in the deep woods. And putting about a half mile between us and the fence, the density of the forest became more sparse and we found our home for the night.

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